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William J. Birks Jr., CPP

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Ira S. Somerson and William J. Birks Jr., (recently became associated with LMC) are leading premises security consultants. They have extensive backgrounds in security management consulting and expert witness services for commercial, industrial, institutional and property management organizations. They have been involved with over 1000 matters for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in crowd control and premises security liability as noted below. .

Caution should be taken when retaining an expert witness to ensure that their qualifications and experience are aligned with the types of properties and business operations for which you are seeking assistance. It would be disingenuous to accept an assignment in an area of expertise where appropriate experience does not exist. LMC has demonstrated the required experience in each:  

  • Bars, taverns, clubs other alcohol serving establishments.
  • Casino security operations.
  • Colleges and universities; secondary education facilities.
  • Convenience stores and stop and go service stations.
  • Corporate security programs.
  • Crowd control: sports, concerts, special events, parades.
  • False arrest/detention -retail shoplifting policies and procedures.
  • Fast food restaurants.
  • High-rise office buildings.
  • Hospitality: hotel and motel chains other hospitality facilities.
  • Malfeasance of security officer services and alarm central monitoring services.
  • Parking lots and garages.
  • Real estate and property management.
  • Residential: high-rise apartments and condominiums; projects.
  • Retail: small chain stores, large department and box stores.
  • Risk assessment: Threat Analysis; Vulnerability analysis.
  • Safeguarding proprietary information; trade secret protection.
  • Shopping malls and strip shopping centers.
  • Shopping markets; food stores.
  • Transportation.
  • Violence in the workplace.
  • Hospitals, emergency rooms, psychiatric facilities, clinics.
  • Investigations.

Due to the extensive experience of Mr. Somerson and Mr. Birks and their involvement with the leadership and education in the security industry, they have demonstrated their ability to provide significant assistance to their clients. LMC also partners with qualified security experts or directly refers consultants of varying security expertise (no referral fees). Examples of these but not limited to same are: computer security, manufacturing, construction, government security, banking, Homeland Defense, engineering, jewelry, fraud, fire detection and prevention. LMC will assist with referrals if requested. Referrals for LMC assignments and Curriculum Vitae available upon request.

Leading Security Expert Witnesses
Ira Somerson and William Birks have been providing forensic support to Plaintiff and Defense attorneys in premises security litigation and other matters affecting the security management and security service industries. To date, their security expert witness services have been utilized in over 1,000 cases for plaintiff and defense attorneys throughout the United States.

Providing Security Expert Witness Services
When initially assigned a matter, they will extensively outline the issues of the file to provide instruction and insight to counsel for discovery and investigation. LMC has collected resource materials that now represent one of the largest security management libraries. These resource materials have proven to be invaluable to their clients. LMC has maintained a relational database of all consulting and expert witness assignments. Reports of industries served, types of services rendered, lists of testimony at trial and/or deposition, etc. are easily prepared from these data.

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