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Ira Sonerson
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A Leading Security Expert, Security Consultant and Expert Witness  


Ira Somerson- A Leading Security Expert Witness & Renowned Security Expert

Ira Somerson
Mr. Somerson's experience spans more than forty years of comprehensive security management consulting services. The majority of his work has involved analysis of potential threats and the design of appropriate defensive strategies in commercial, industrial, institutional and government environments. Mr. Somerson has originated strategies in risk assessment, security system design, crime prevention, foreseeability studies, adequacy of security analysis, crisis management, security awareness, executive protection, crowd control, fraud prevention and the development of security management training and orientation curricula.

Mr.Somerson has been cited in text books, chaired committees, and has lectured frequently at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania and at St. Joseph's University. He formerly taught security courses at Temple and West Chester Universities. He is currently on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Security Journal, published in Association with the ASIS Foundation by Perpetuity Press, Letcester, UK; the College Security Report, Rusting Publications; and Security Management Bulletin, Bureau of Business Practices. Professional references available upon request.

Licenses, Certifications & Awards

Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
by the American Society for Industrial Security
(Certificate #259, September, 1977)

Certified Security Consultant (CSC)
by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants
(March, 2006)

Certified Municipal Police Instructor
by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
(Certification number MP1533, 1976)

Award: Paul Hansen Distinguished Service Award,
American Society for Industrial Security
(September, 1988)

Excellence in Leadership Award,
Greater Philadelphia chapter, ASIS International
(June, 2009)










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